Simply Living


"What do you want to be when you grow up?...a pretty typical question, most were asked as children.  As we grow into an adults, the question changes to become, "What is your passion?"  An activity that sparks your soul and engages you in simple contentment. As a kid, a job as a librarian seemed really cool, but my passion has been organizing spaces.  I have an insatiable need to discover and create beautiful interiors void of clutter.  The process of organization comes naturally to me and it is thrilling to help others bring calm from "I don't have enough time to deal with this mess" kind of chaos.

I grew up in Richmond, VA and have my bachelors degree from the University of Richmond.  I currently live in historic Church Hill with my husband, Tim and our sweet dog, Lilly Rose.  I am an avid reader, love to travel and spend a great deal of time thinking, talking about, and cooking food!  My previous career had been in the financial industry, where everyday, helping people organize their finances was also a cool job. But my life is richer now, because I can exercise my passion in organizing your nests!

-Julia Horrocks